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The people’s choice and enigmatic Michael Emumena Paul, popularly known as Mc Paul yesterday 19 August, 2021 defeated Dr Ogaga Ifowodo, a former commissioner representing Delta State in the governing board of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, to emerge the prospective APC candidate in the primary election of the All Progressives Congress conducted in Isoko south constituency 1.

The direct mode of primary election conducted by the APC was held in three out of wards such as Oleh ward 1, Oleh ward 2, Emede ward 5, Irri ward 10 and Irri ward 11 that make up the Isoko south constituency 1.

The trailblazing Mc Paul and the leading light of the APC in the 11 September, 2021 bye-election, in his Oleh ward 2, dealt a shocking blow to Dr Ogaga Ifowodo to take the early lead by scoring a humongous number of 168 votes to the pantry number of 5 votes for Dr Ogaga Ifowodo.

Extending the lead against his opponent Dr Ogaga Ifowodo, the vibrant Mc Paul doubled the pace in Emede ward 05 where he scored a whooping sum of 92 votes against Ifowodo’s disappointing 7 votes that sent shivers down in his spine.

Ifowodo believing he was going to replicate same feat in his ward, Oleh ward 1, after splashing huge amount of money around same way he did in the five wards, got the shocker of his life when Mc Paul muscled a total sum of 56 votes against his 96 votes.

The primary elections of Irri ward 10 and Irri ward 11 are yet to be conducted. It is worthy to note that the people of Irri ward 10 and Irri ward 11 have already given Mc Paul their mandate. Despite the money Dr Ogaga Ifowodo brought into Irri ward 11 to induce them, the people told him pointblank that their supports and votes are for Mc Paul and nothing can dissuade them from that purpose.

From independent findings on the colossal loss to Mc Paul, Dr Ogaga Ifowodo who was an aspirant of the party in 2015 House of Representatives elections does not have the goodwill of the people to represent them. It is on the know that he failed his people and performed below par during his reign as the Delta Commissioner in the NDDC.

From other confirmed sources, they stated that Dr Ogaga Ifowodo can not represent the people’s interest having occupied an exalted office in the NDDC but could not do anything tangible for his people. What this pose is that the sins of Ogaga Ifowodo against the people of Isoko nation due to his performances in the NDDC are visiting him in bits.

While recounting some good deeds, a constituent at the venue of the APC primary in Oleh ward 1, the ward of Dr Ogaga Ifowodo, stated that Mc Paul is a young and vibrant man who has always stood for the people in times that it mattered most recalling his involvements in the series of protest to relevant authorities during the gruesome murder of 12 Oleh harmless farmers in Adah bush by the allegedly Ozoro people.

He went further to state that the Oleh people’s mandate has been given to Mc Paul and if the APC makes the mistake of denying him his right and victory over Ogaga Ifowodo, who is not needed by the people of Isoko south constituency 1, the APC should as well forget contesting in the elections to avoid the revolutionary votes against it in the bye-election come 11 September, 2021.

Prior to the conduct of the direct primary election by the APC for both aspirants, Michael Emumena Paul and Dr Ogaga Ifowodo, the party leaders in the constituency with the state chairman in attendance and mandated the Oleh leaders in APC to bring a sellable consensus candidate who hails from Oleh to fly the part’s flag in the bye-election.

The Oleh APC under the leadership of Hon Lucky Okperi Esq. met to brainstorm on the best candidate to present to the party as its consensus candidate. As of then, four aspirants, Mc Paul, Dr Ogaga Ifowodo, Caled Christopher Okperi and Dame Alice Okpokpor had signified their interest for the constituency’s seat.

The leadership of Oleh APC having failed to meet the APC leadership demand to present a consensus candidate in Isoko south constituency 1 on three occasions finally conducted a mock primary among the aspirants with Michael Emumena Paul overwhelmingly defeated the other aspirants.

Dr Ogaga Ifowodo who thought he had the willpower to wrestle the mandate given by the people from the vibrant and enigmatic Mc Paul, disagreed with the results and went ahead to purchase the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms at the APC national secretariat alongside the consensus nominee of APC, Michael Emumena Paul, to test his political might but resulted to a colossal loss.



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