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Vengeance is of the lord, Onowakpo tells families of twelve slain Oleh harmless citizens.



Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas has told the families of the twelve Oleh farmers that were gruesomely murdered on the 16 October, 2020, in the most barbaric manner that the vengeance they seek is of the lord and in due time his word must surely come to pass.

The Emede born philanthropist who was the Isoko federal house of representatives candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the 2019 elections made this call when he visited the families of the slain farmers, who on that fateful day had gone to do their lawful duty in a bid to fend for themselves and families.

Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas who was a former states coordinator in the federal inland revenue service stated that it is unheard of in Isokoland that persons yet unknown took out time to carefully plan and execute the killings of harmless farmers in a dastardly way while leaving behind a gory sight for the world to witness their cruelty. 

“It is so pathetic to have heard that harmless farmers consisting of fathers, mothers and their offsprings, whom have gone in search of a means of sustenance were hacked to death in the most barbaric way by yet unknown assailants to depict their heartlessness.”

“That a thing like this could be carried out and executed means that the perpetrators took out time to plan and commit such a heinous crime against their fellow humans numbering twelve including children and this means they have lost all sense of humanity.”

He further stated that there is no matter of money that can be given that will erase such pain from the hearts of the victims’ families and the people of Oleh kingdom in general because an indelible scar has be left to bare due to the evil executed which is against the beliefs of what has overtime and contemporarily adjudged the ethnic group as peace-loving people of Niger Delta.

“I grieve with you and I know what it means to lose a loved one and most painfully is that no amount of money can take away the pain inflicted by the untimely demise of your loved ones.”

Photo: Families of slain victims

“But I want to plead with all of you to look unto God our heavenly father, who is above and sees all good and evil because he alone can perfect all things in due time according to his words.”

“I and everyone here present know that vengeance is of the lord for according to his words in the book of Romans 12:19 which says, “beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, vengeance is mine, I will repay,” and as a believer in the word of God I know in due time his wrath will visit the homes of those who perpetrated the act that has caused you all to grief.”

Photo: Families of slain victims.

“What I am particular about is how the families left behind can be catered for; but I know with God helping us those who are interested in furthering their education will get to continue its pursuit while those interested in acquiring a skill will be assisted in one way or the other.”

Photo: Families of slain victims.

The former chairman of the Delta state board of internal revenue, who had a six years stint at the state revenue institution, had earlier visited His Royal Highness, Ovrawah Omogha 1, the Odiologbo of Oleh kingdom to condole with him and the entire kingdom over the brutal killing of their twelve harmless citizens.

Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas who has one of his roots from Oleh, precisely from the Oboba family of Emiye Royal House, stated that despite being in grief, having heard about the massacre, he has come to condole with the people of Oleh kingdom in this period of their agony.

Photo: Families of slain victims.

“I have come here to condole with you and the entire Oleh people over the loss of your sons and daughters whose lives were cut short by those who thirst for blood of their fellow kinsmen.”

Photo: Families of slain victims.

“I was not around when the incident happened as I have been trapped by the pandemic outside the shores of this country but I could not help grieving with you and the entire Oleh people.”

“It is a rude shock to me up till this very point in time having heard of the incident that was meted on the entire people of Oleh kingdom and I asked myself to what end?”

The Odiologbo of Oleh kingdom thanked Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas for his concern for the wellbeing of the entire people of Oleh community and for coming to share in their grief.

“I must thank you for coming to share in our grief at this point in time that the entire kingdom is in a period of mourning.”

“We can not thank you enough for what you have been doing over time for this community most especially during the COVID-19 pandemic; may God bless you and reward you enormously”, Odiologbo concluded.

You could recall that on the 16 October, 2020, some persons from Oleh community whom have gone to work in the farmland located in ‘Ada Bush’ and leased to Hon (Barr) Lucky Okperi were gruesomely killed by persons alleged to be from the Ozoro community.

The names of the victims whose lives were cut short by these human blood mongers and their bodies recovered by a combined team of Nigeria security from Isoko south and north local government areas on 16 October, 2020, were given as, Mrs Glory Emiedafe Gowon, Mr Sunday Uyeh, Mr Victor Egeme, Mr Friday Egeme, Mrs Bridget Egeme, Mrs Naomi Egeme, Mr Ogheneovo Egeme, Mr Solomon Emmanuel and Mr Dennis Ojokojo. 

While the bodies of Mr Ogagaoghene Oletabe and Mr Oghenekioja Egeme were recovered on the 21 October, 2020. It should be noted that the body of one Orezimena Egeme who was part of the group of farmers is still missing.

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