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Group Condemns Lawsuit Against A Phd Student Of UNIBEN By A Former IDU President



By Kelvin Ohoror

The Isoko Elite Force, IEF, has condemned in totality the ill-conceived move by Ex- President General of Isoko Development Union, Chief Enoch Ogbo, who have filed a 100 million naira unprovoked hatred lawsuit against the author of the historic masterpiece, ‘The Isoko Ethnic Nationality: In Time Perspective’, Mr. Endurance Onojakaroma Edafewotu, for allegedly damaging his reputation and image with the book.

Pic: A piece of the writ.

Reacting to the legal suit in a press release by the scribe of Isoko Elite Force, IEF, Comr Oviri Kelvin stated that, “The desire to promote and position one’s ethnic group is a desire that is borne out of patriotism by selected few. Most well read scholars are always too scared not to dive into muddy waters of history and wish to stay only on those issues that are less controversial, less they face attacks and other forms of misgivings”.

According to IEF scribe, there is an exception to this widely followed principle of negligent attitude, noting that, at the launch of the book on November 9th, 2019, at the Isoko Unity House, the President of the foremost Isoko cultural organization, Isoko Development Union (IDU), High Chief Iduh Amadhe, stated that the author is a fearless, dogged and passionate son of Isoko land.

“The author, Edafewotu has attempted something that, he as a sitting IDU president have set up over 5 different committees of well schooled Isoko sons and daughters, but none was able to achieve the feat because of one reason or the other. But Edafewotu mustered the courage to thread this lone part”.

The group further opined that, having achieved that, there was an attack from some quarters after the successful launch. While the attacks lingered, the author was calm and only continued to persuade the attackers to read the work and understand it, so that they do not act on hear say as most were doing at that time. After a long while, the attacks produced a rejoinder from Igbide Community.

IEF scribe also emphasized that, we all thought with that Isoko would experience peace going forward with the rejoinder, which is a legitimate right of anyone that feels offended by a work of literature.

To the displeasure of all, Chief Enoch Ogbo instituted a 100million lawsuit against Mr. Edafewotu Endurance, claiming that, the Isoko masterpiece that many well meaning Isoko indigenes are applauding has affected him to the extent that it has damaged his reputation and image to the tune of 100 Million.

The group also stressed that, why do we always like to destroy what is good? As a former Isoko Development Union President, Chief Enoch Ogbo should know that there are civil ways of handling matters and the courts should be the last option in resolving disputes.

The IEF scribe further reiterated that, painfully as it may seem, Mr. Edafewotu Endurance, a PhD student at the University of Benin who is specialising on Cyber Security Governance at the Department of Political Science, the department was copied by Chief Enoch Ogbo. What does he want to achieve by trying to destroy Edafewotu’s efforts? For the first time an Isoko illustrious son is focused on Cyber Security Governance, an area that is relatively new and also very difficult to study, particularly from a Nigerian university.

Comr Oviri Kelvin however claimed that, Chief Ogbo’s attack on Edafewotu and his work is an attack on Isoko literary work because anyone who is interested in doing any work would think twice before attempting it.

IEF therefore called on the Isoko ethnic nationality to kindly encourage Mr. Edafewotu to continue on the path he have shown to position Isoko at the pillar of comity of ethnic nationalities.

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