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Rt. Hon Leo Ogor Okuweh and his okada empowerment: Isoko now know better



In as much as I will not want to sound rude and saucy, I will take my time to say things the way they are. We have been fooled for so long a time in Isoko and sincerely we now know better and I will want to open the eyes of the Isoko people to what ought to be and the true position of things.

Not until lately some of us thought Hon Leo Okuweh Ogor was using his personal resources to purchase and share motorcycles popularly known as Okada to his constituents; recently, we discovered that it was part of his constituency projects. I will not want to delve into how past items have been shared, but I will certainly want to dwell on how they shared the 2019 constituency projects items and the persons that benefitted from it. It’s obvious these crops of persons have been taking Isoko for granted and they are still poised in dwelling on doing that.


It was suppose to be a project that a legislator will attract to his constituency for the benefit of the entire constituents. Like school projects, hospital, water, electricity etc. But in the case of our own legislator Hon Leo Ogor Okuweh, it’s like he has exhausted his ideas and all he could fathom out as constituency project consistently is buying of Okada, sewing machine, hair dryers and generators, no direct provision for educational amenities.

Think of how many roads that N411 million can construct, how many pipe borne water projects that these sum can provide. Look at Aviara electricity that has been an issue, what will it cost to fix it. It’s obvious Hon Leo Ogor Okuweh has exhausted his usefulness and diminishing returns have started setting in.

Funny enough it is rumouring he’s planning to recontest come 2023 and that’s the reason he has been vehement on retaining the local government chairmanship in Ozoro, with the assistance of his current special adviser Hon Tim Owhefere who is pushing and encouraging him to recontest so that the maxim of status quo remains that he stands to benefit from gains weight.

To buttress this, it was clearly revealed from the recent sharing of the constituency project items which Hon Tim Owhefere was the chairman of the sharing committee that chose to convert constituency project items to campaign tools by giving these items to the statutory delegates that has voting right during the PDP primaries.

This Idea was muted and hatched by Hon Tim Owhefere who is also using it to clear way for himself as he also intends to run claiming he has been promised speakership come 2023 in an election we don’t know where will produce the next governor and I wonder which sane governor will be at peace using someone like Hon Tim Owhefere as Speaker.

I want Hon Leo and Hon Tim to know we are not unaware of there game plans and want them to know Isokos now know better. If you succeed in manipulating the PDP delegates in their primaries with Okada hope they are ready to share that same Okada to everyone with voting right during the general elections.

In all these acts of stupidity you will still see gullible young men and youths coming here to defend these destiny killers. If these monies were channelled into giving out scholarship to viable Isoko sons and daughters, in the shortest possible time the ripple effect will be felt all around Isoko nation.

These men has failed and has no idea upstairs to take Isoko to the next level talkless of the promise land.
Isoko is watching since Hon Leo wants everyone in Isoko to be an Okada rider God will make his own children be Okada riders. Keep applauding a man that does not desire your growth. But I am very convinced that Isoko knows better now.

A PDP chieftain writes from Iyede.

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