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You have done noble, Okpe-Isoko, Okpolo and Enhwe clans applaud Joel-Onowakpo



As the commendations keep on pouring in from all quarters of Isoko nation in appreciation of the good deeds done by Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas, the Enhwe clan and Okpolo clan President Generals, Chief Mike Ogodo and Apostle Odiri-Akpode Lucky and the highly respected Chief Ide Abade of Okpe-Isoko have expressed their appreciation to Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas for coming to the aid of their people by providing palliatives for over 4000 families in Isoko nation which their clans got her wholesome fair share.

The President Generals and Chief Ide Abade who sent words of appreciations respectively to commend the efforts of Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas, the former Coordinator of Edo, Delta and Rivers States, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), stated that he has done noble for coming out to help the Isoko people at the time they needed succour to numb the pains of severe hardship undergone as a result of the lockdown.

“On behalf of the Ovie, the Elders, the Council of Chiefs and the men, women and youths of Enhwe Kingdom, I extend our greetings to Hon. Joel-Onowakpo Thomas.”

“We acknowledge with deepest appreciation your thought and love for us, to bless the vulnerable amongst our people at this critical times.”

“We pray God will reward and bless you a thousand fold as we continue to keep you in our prayers and thoughts,” Chief Mike Ogodo, President General of Enhwe clan stated.

In same vein, his counterpart in Okpolo-Enhwe, Apostle Odiri-Akpode Lucky in his words of commendations said, “On behalf of Okpolo-Enhwe Community, we say thank you for your kindness, support and generosity towards our people.”

“God will place you on the throne of glory so that your light can shine continuously amongst men. Thank you so much!”

Meanwhile, while expressing his gratitude to Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas on behalf of the people of Okpe-Isoko, Chief Ide Abade said all the people of Okpe, Iteibege, Igeh, and Eziro community are overwhelmed by the support shown to them by Joel-Onowakpo.

“I will like to use this medium to greet and appreciate you, Hon. Joel-Onowakpo Thomas.

“The people of Okpe, Iteibege, Igeh, Eziro community at large thank and appreciate your gift and selfless effort towards us. We are overwhelmed.”

“May your days be long on earth and may you live to see your great grand children, because you have fed multitude.”

“The land of Isoko will continue to bless you and your family with enough peace, harmony, prosperity, and good health to enjoy more prosperity,” Chief Ide Abade concluded.

You will recall that last week, Hon. Joel-Onowakpo Thomas presented 4000 (5kg) of rice, 4000 (5kg) of beans and other items to Isoko ethnic nation which were distributed equitably across Isoko ethnic nation especially to the vulnerable in her society.

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