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Delta communities, Isoko-Ame communities shielded from urbanization are in medieval times



Pic: Pontoon by Delta state government

Seek help from relevant government ministries, agencies, commissions, DESOPADEC and NDDC, to come their aid.

Implore the state governor to channel the recovered loots to kick start a campaign to ameliorate the people’s plights.


The Isoko communities in Ndokwa East local government area of Delta state, Ewhokorafor, Lagos-Iyede, Iyede-Ame and Onogbokor, are in grave agony and anguish owing to the neglect of these communities by successive Delta state governments in providing basic amenities such as accessible roads, standard schools, water, electricity and healthcare facilities to the people of the above listed communities.

En route a journey to these communities which are in succession one would beg to disagree if humans in this 21st century actually have a settlement in these hostile environment bereft of Delta state government’s impact whose slogan is termed “SMART AGENDA” and has been one of the states privy to the most robust federal allocation from the nation’s coffers.

The description of the hostility of journey to these communities is a story not receptive to the ear drums. How the people have been coping over the years is by the divine grace of God and these are communities politicians will subsequently go to for campaigns to solicit for votes and in return neglect them to their fading hopes.

They belong to a state constituency, a federal constituency and a senatorial district represented by Hon Friday Osanebi, Hon Ossai Ossai and Senator Peter Nwaboshi respectively then what is their wrong as a people whom overtime have appended their thumbprints to get these men to the where they presently occupy?

The government has to come to the aid of these communities who are in dire need of motorable roads. The government must link these communities to civilization as it is pathetic to know that a chunk of its population in Ndokwa East is denied the right to accessible roads and basic social amenities to upgrade to urbanisation and flow with the present trends.

The predicaments of the Isoko-Ame communities, who are like people still living in the medieval period, is inhumane, precarious and more of a homicidal journey during the raining season were you are pelted with muds from the marshy soil with length stretched through a distance compared to that of a journey from Asaba to Abuja in kilometers; how horrible this seems but it is so as stated.

As if that is not enough, one is made to cross the river using an rickety pontoon not befitting the needed safety standard but, the people can not be blamed for risking their lives using this substandard means of conveyor when the only one His Excellency Ifeanyi Okowa provided and commissioned has no engines to power its system, its entrant/exit flaps for vehicular and motorcycle movements into the pontoon are shortened below the usual attached lengths and has such, it has never been used to avoid casualties resulting from vehicles and motorcycles plunging into the Ase river; yet the state government awarded such a contract and commissioned it which is indeed an embryonic sham on the policies befitting that of a “SMART AGENDA” administration.

To clear the name of this ‘SMART AGENDA’ administration of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa from this sully campaign of providing and commissioning a calamitous pontoon without an engine to the Isoko-Ame communities, the governor must ensure it expedite action to upgrade from the cable drive or hand pulling level system to a mechanically powered engine system in the ferrying of the pontoon to and fro from the riverbanks as a palliative measure before the full implementation of his development roadmap for the Isoko-Ame communities.

The state government must as a matter of urgency declare an SOS on the state of social amenities such as, providing standard motorable roads and bridges, healthcare facilities, standard schools, electricity and pipe-borne water to the Isoko-Ame people in Ndokwa East axis by directing all her relevant ministries, agencies and commissions like the ministry of water resources, Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC), saddled with responsibilities of siting capital projects to spring into action at once whilst in synergy with Senator Peter Nwaboshi representing the people in the senate, who coincidentally happens to be the chairman house committee on Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) matters in the red chambers of the national assembly to do the needful in using his influence to input the Isoko-Ame communities’ roads and other social amenities into the NDDC budget.

In a glimpse of hope, having heard of the soon to be returned loots by an erstwhile governor of delta state, Deltans who are aware of the plight of the Isoko-Ame people in a passionate plea implore the governor of Delta state, HE Ifeanyi Okowa that on receipt of these monies, he should channel the recovered loots into judicious use by building motorable roads and with bridges to link up her communities with urbanisation and westernization to the testaments of Deltans to ameliorate their pains whilst engraving his name in the historical archives of legacy thus coincidentally phasing out the stone age the Isoko-Ame abode pathetically rock presently.

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