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The Isoko Ethnic Nationality In Time Perspective: The sustainability of our values as a nation.



To be launched November 9, 2019 at the ISOKO HOUSE..

By Oviri Kelvin

…Slated to be unveiled officially on the 9th of November at the Isoko Development Union Headquarter.


The cultural values that define the uniqueness of an ethnicity and her people from its roots to the present day post-colonial era is dwindling with the tides of times, owing to the warm embrace of western socialization, failure of our fathers and custodians of traditions to knit our heritage crudely on successive generations poised to modern civilization.

We can go on lamenting about the slides of our hereditary crude values of Isoko ethnic nationality due to the influx of western culture ravaging the minds of this present day generation or wake up to realities of curbing this cultural decadence by feeding the Isoko people, at home or in diaspora, ravenous of westernization, with the rich cultural values of Isoko ethnic nation.

One of the major challenge militating against the sustenance of our cultural heritage and values is parental nonchalance in impacting the knowledge of their family, communal and ethnic roots indigenously and informally into their children, wards or lads, which overtime impairs their societal involvement in contributing to the development of their community in Isokoland.

While the knowledge bank of some parents on family and ethnic origins have been impaired by present day societal demands for improved standards of living and technological revolution of this computer age, others have no substantial family knowledge as a result of the breakdown and existent lapses in indigenous and informal education.

We must retrace our steps by engaging in activities that promote our ethnic values and selling the uniqueness embedded in us as peace-loving Isoko people to the outside world, by first knowing our origin and passing on same to the younger generation. This will largely preserve our cultural identity and heritage as an ethnic group.

Obsessed with the vision to promote the Isoko cultural heritage while inculcating same into every descendant of Isoko extraction, Mr Edafewotu Endurance has painstakingly engaged in intensive researches, which have yielded a scholarly masterpiece titled “The Isoko Ethnic Nationality In Time Perspective” to end the distorted knowledge of Isoko ethnic origin and to fill the void of informal education in our various homes caused by societal and social impairment.

“The Isoko Ethnic Nationality In Time Perspective” addressed respectively and extensively the Isoko origin in relation to the peculiarities of her communities that make up the nation and gave an in-depth and insurmountable facts about the origin and drifts of various communities in Isoko ethnic nation.

In a bid to appreciate and commend the efforts of Mr Edafewotu Endurance, the Isoko Development Union, IDU, which is the apex Socio-cultural body of Isoko ethnic nation worldwide has slated 9th of November, 2019, for the launching of this masterpiece, “The Isoko Ethnic Nationality In Time Perspective” written by a proudly indigenous son of her nation whom through an inevitable onerous task, inscribed the intuitive and oral views of Isoko origin into hard copies with undisputed facts.

We must come out en masse from our various abode to grace that remarkable day, November 9, 2019, at the “Isoko House” to celebrate our very own and also get copies of this masterpiece, “The Isoko Ethnic Nationality In Time Perspective” to be kept in our personal libraries for subsequent knowledge refreshment, elucidate our lads and children on the origin of the Isoko nation with regards to her indigenous communities, without which the new generational Isokos can be likened to men and women that are lost in hoax of ethnic conceptual deformity.

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