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…As Last Mugu berates IDU

The Akioja Isoko popularly known as the Isoko Monitoring Group, IMG, has pull out of an impromptu meeting slated for today by the Isoko Development Union, IDU, the apex umbrella body that leads, governs and oversees the Isoko ethnic nation worldwide.

This recent development which is overwhelming the cyberspace and print houses is coming due to the recent outburst by the monitoring group and watchdog of all Isoko nation’s interests worldwide over the bootlicking romance of the President of IDU, High Chief Iduh Amadhe with the Governor of Delta State, Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa and the People Democratic Party, PDP, which has led to so many projects littering the nooks and crannies of Isoko nation either unattended to, executed in bad state or abandoned.

IMG has called on the President of IDU to do the needful by resigning his position having broken the trust of the Isoko people by bootlicking same class that has kept the nation at bay in a means to get mouth watering contracts and damn his people’s quest for standard and optimal project execution because ‘same way water do not mix with crude’, such is the pedigree of the office of the President of the apex body of Isoko nation’s relationship with the government especially when it pertains to a people so much marginalized in all fronts.

Chief Iduh Amadhe in a last minute tussle to save face and preserve his stool as the IDU President, knowing fully well all issues stated by IMG in a letter written by the latter to the former are very clear and succinct, has called for a hurriedly organized briefing at the ‘ISOKO HOUSE’ with administrators of several Isoko online fora and the press, whom he has pitched tents with to pass a kangaroo vote of confidence on his leadership. All last minute moves being taken by the IDU chair has been predetermined to end the usual politicking way but IMG will see it to the victoria end.

The Isoko people must know activism and partisanship do not blend and as such, the former President of Isoko Nation Youth Assembly, INYA, Comr Victor Egbo who was recently reappointed as Senior Special Assistant, SSA, to the Governor of Delta State was made to resign his position as the President of INYA during his reign despite his tenure has not elapsed. Egbo did heeded, tendered his resignation to start his sojourn in partisanship by serving the governor in full capacity.

Reacting to the letter written to the IDU President, Chief Iduh Amadhe, the SSA to the governor on youth and mobilization, Comr Victor Egbo popularly known as ‘LAST MUGU’ has berated the IDU President over his total involvement in politics to grab contracts for himself and urged him to thread same part of honour he took when he was INYA President by tendering his resignation as the President of IDU.

Last Mugu who took to his Facebook handle narrated how the embattled President of IDU orchestrated his resignation when he held sway as the INYA President using both local government chairmen of Isoko south and north, Hon Ikpokpo Malik and Hon Egbabor in collaboration with the Bishop of Anglican Diocese, Oleh Archdeaconry, Bishop Aruakpor to perfect his moves by getting him to tender his resignation.

Last Mugu went as far as unearthing the various government contracts the IDU talisman, Chief Iduh Amadhe has executed despite being an unofficial political appointees’ PRO and political a party mobilizer are, the Isoko House, Engineering Faculty Oleh, Law Faculty Oleh, Ozoro Market project, ‘Portu’ worth millions of Naira and more elusive to public scrutiny.

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