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Tips on coping with mental health together



Elizabeth Badejo


June 29, 2019

Every marriage comes with great moments of love and pleasures but also not without some misfortunes too; which can overshadow the good times the couple have both built together if they give more attention to the difficult times in marital relations.

To round up the issues of mental health in marriage, it is important for couples to learn from the struggles of this illness together so that they can both have the ultimate control on how to deal with it. The truth is that mental illness does not have to destroy your marriage as long as you are able to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle together.

Take good care of yourself

You can only give what you have, therefore it is very important that you look after yourself first so that you can be mentally and physically strong enough to support your spouse suffering from mental illness.

Do those things that bring you joy and contentment and things that can help you manage your feelings of anxiety, sadness and regrets. Do this as often as you can no matter how small or big they seem. Express gratitude for even the smallest things and take time out each day to evaluate the day’s activities so that you can both appreciate your individual contributions towards the success of your health and well-being.

Expand your knowledge

Knowledge is power, therefore expand your knowledge of mental health issues by reading about the illness so that you can both have a good perception of how your spouse is feeling and ways you can help him/her manage the situation.

Understanding the effect of the illness on your spouse is important in caring not just for your spouse’s health but also for your own well-being, too.  Gaining knowledge can also give you a better guidance on how to communicate with your spouse and how to identify the type of care he/she needs.

Show that you care

The reality is that many great marriages that radiate true love are often orchestrated by real commitments from the couple, who have decided to weather the storms together. Often times all that holds a marriage together during the trying times is the confidence in the commitment they both share and their dedication to the marriage as a whole.

Show that you truly care as this is vital to your spouse’s recovery; be optimistic about the journey ahead and do not allow the gloom days take over the good times you shared together.

Be patient and blameless

It is important to identify your spouse and separate him/her from the illness so that you do not hold them responsible for their current situation. You must also understand that the illness can gradually rob your spouse of his/her individuality but with patience and perseverance, you can learn to share in their feelings without blaming or trying to solve the problem.

Seek counsel together

Counseling can have a great impact in your lives as a couple and as an individual suffering from mental illness because it has the capacity to change self-defeating behaviours and pattern through communication and expression of emotions. Communication can take humiliation out of mental illness because it equips the sufferer with the skills to help them and the ability to manage their condition effectively.

Source: Punch

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